Failure to Launch in Young Adults

Do you know a young adult dealing with failure to launch.
Here you are. At your wit’s end. Not knowing how to get your child to succeed. You know they have potential but they seemed hell-bound to self-sabotage. More interested in self-gratification or wallowing in self-pity then to do something with their lives. What if there was a way to help them find their success in life.? To rise above failure to launch and to leave all their “shtick” behind them. There is! Life Coaching for young adults with failure to launch is a system that helps young adults from the ages of 12 to 28 create a new life of success for themselves.

To mentor young adults to succeed in life, we must first find some goals that the client chooses to learn the methods to turn their lives around. These will include: Determining goals, Daily Routines; Daily Reminders; a successful sleep-wake routine and learning to see their challenges and determine how to rise above them instead of ignoring them.

World Wide Youth Mentoring is an organization dedicated to mentoring young adults in all aspects of their lives.
Through  our companion we  train people to mentor those young adults with failure to launch. We help  potential mentors use this proven program that Ken Rabow has designed and mastered.

Through our website we offer life coaching for both the young adult and parents. We help families create the tools for better communication. All of these supports are there for you to transform   a hopeless situation into a new succesful beginning. Clients learn to cope with their anxieties and vanquish them. They learn that keeping their word is better than humouring people. To let go of saying whatever is need to be said to get out of an uncomfortable moment and learn to deal with the consequences.

Life coaching young adults can succeed where therapy has not.

Mentoring Young Adults Can Help Your Child

To know why mentoring young adults may be the proper way out of the challenges many parents face these days, we must look at where so many families find themselves. There are so many parents of troubled teens and young adults who are at their wits end, not knowing how to deal with their children. Communication is an issue. Hygiene is an issue. Sleep is an issue. Video gaming and overuse of the Internet is an issue. Let’s face it, there’s a lot more of issues than anything else! Let’s look at why mentoring young adults may be the solution for your child.

Finding Success through Life Coaching Young Adults
People seek a life coach for teens and young adults when they come to a certain realization. It’s okay to have an outside party be there to create something more than medication or talk therapy may achieve. That something is a slow and steady concrete process. One that will bring hope back to your child. One of earning their own belief in themselves. To be successful and rise above challenges and failures. To learn that failures and mistakes are the route to their greatness. Most importantly, to learn the value in day-to-day simple disciplines. Disciplines based on things that they would enjoy doing, bringing a rightly earned self-confidence to them.

The Proven Method
My book “The Slacker’s Guide To Success” chronicles the entire 13 step process, but to put it in a nutshell: a young person needs to seek out a life coach that they are willing to trust and be open to trying new things with. They must then be willing to look at their goals and their challenges to succeeding and finally to start a daily chart of the small successes that will instill in them a sense of the possibility of succeeding in the real world.

How Some People Limit Struggling Teens and Young Adults
I meet so many young people that so many have said of them that they will never be able to succeed. Often, all the family and relatives were hoping for was for things to not get worse and yet these young people have soared and have found their greatness.

The ones who did not succeed, did not succeed because the expectations from their family and friends were for an immediate fix. The kind of profound inner changes I am speaking about in this article are slow and steady. But if all those concerned take the time, have the patience, determination and certitude to see this through, the rewards will be immeasurable.

Remember This:
Do not give up hope. Do not think that you are alone. Reach out for someone to help you and the changes will come. They may be slow but they will be astounding…  Ken Rabow

Update by Ken Rabow – Dec 2017
Here it is four years later and I find that in life coaching young adults, I am still finding so many teens and young adults with anxiety, sleep issues, communication challenges and more. The good news is that working with this system, mentoring young adults really does help these young people AND their families have successful lives where they can hope again for a great future.

What does it take? Find the right mentor to mentor young adults. Taking the time to let them learn the system, to create positive daily routines and grow as a young adult. To fall on their butts, dust themselves off and try again.

Mentoring young adults is not a fast solution but if it works for your child, it is a long lasting solution. Mentoring young adults can help them throughout their lives. It requires the same work to un-mess up someone as to help them find their greatness. Most parents come to us bereft of hope. They want to help their child not fail. As people mentoring young adults, we seek how to help them not only not fail but to soar to greatness. Each person has greatness in them. Sometimes a mentor is the best way forward.

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