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The four stages to being part of the Mentoring team for your child with World Wide Youth Mentoring Inc.

1. Take a break!
In the first stage, we want the parents and the young adult to have a break from daily fights and tension. This is done by the parents letting the Mentor and their child begin the work to rebuild a positive work ethic in the client. We encourage the parents to get “parent time” which they can use in increments to send emails about issues, or talk by phone or Skype with us. At this part of the mentoring process, the Mentor and the clients (your child) addresses issues brought up by the parents and respond to the parents (by email) in ways that are designed to help the whole family improve.

2. Build the team
As the parents begin to see positive change in their child, we have the parents join the client and the Mentor on an occasional basis to work on projects together. The Mentor is the “conductor” and helps create a team dynamic that addresses the parents goals for success with the opportunities for the client (your child) to find their own ways to contribute.

3. When it hits the fan…
Stuff happens. That’s what your Mentor is here to help you through. The goal: to find a new way to work together in the big stuff will help the daily stuff move more easily. Email your mentor if it is a medium issue. Text your Mentor if it’s a major issue. Call your Mentor if it’s the end of the world. (Maybe not if it’s the end of the world :-)

4. A new beginning
This is the most fun part for the family. Now that we are a team, we reintroduce the parents and the clients through active listening exercises to learn how to share, how to communicate, how to problem solve and how to really enjoy each other as people. All our parents love this level.

Through it all, “Parent Time” with your Mentor will guarantee that you have someone in your corner to help the whole family move forward in a positive way.

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