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How We Help Young Adults

Help For Parents

Help For Parents

As a life coach for young adults, I see so many young adults who are stuck in negative patterns.

A great way to help yourselves as a parent help your children to stop struggling is to seek out a life coach for young adults. To finally have a happy, successful life.. One of our main goals is to help you let go of being judge, jury and executioner. Finally getting the opportunity to enjoy being a supportive parent again and work with us to get your child on track and succesful. (Let us do the heavy lifting).

A professionally trained life coach for young adults  can help clients rise above their challenges; School failures, Anxiety, Oppositional Defiant Issues, Depression, Video Game Addiction, all of these are the symptoms and the true problem.

So many of these young adults school issues stem from having been able to get along at school in the the early years until just-in-time studying or paper-writing didn't cut it anymore.

They felt unsafe and chose bad coping mechanisms.

"If I choose to fail and I do, then I've won"

Finding the right life coach for young adults is about showing your child a way forward to empower them, learn from their mistakes, free of judgment and begin creating micro-successes that build confidence.

It is by choosing goals and creating daily small routines that we mentor young adults to learn, assess and change their lives for the better.

A life coach for young adults can help those who are gifted underachievers, those with  learning challenges, those who are filled with anxiety or even anger.

We can help young adults who lack motivation, young adults with mental health issues and young adults who are  simply stuck in a pattern that does not lead to success.

We offer mentoring for issues such as teen depression and depression in young adults, teen anxiety and anxiety in young adults as well as video game addictions in teenagers and young adults and pot addiction in teens and young adults.

A Life Coach for Young Adults can help empower teens and young adults to:

  • Find their personal power
  • Gain the confidence to build on their micro-successes,
  • Learn to communicate with parents and work together towards success and
  • Reduce anxiety that can sometimes lead to addiction in teenagers and/or depression in young adults.


The bulk of the parents who come to World Wide Youth Mentoring Inc. (WWYM)  have children who are not succeeding in life. Many of these teenagers or young adults are suffering from teen depression and/or teen anxiety. These sorts of challenges can lead to depression in young adults and anxiety in young adults as teens grow into their 20s.

Many of these clients have tried most of the typical solutions; talk therapy; counselors; psychiatrists; psychologists; medication; etc., and although these things can really have a great effect for the right person, for many young adults struggling to succeed, these options have not created the long-term changes their parents hoped for. This may be the time for a different approach.

Here it is: Life Coaching Young Adults.

An action-based, success focused system that empowers young adults to create daily micro-successes and then encourages them to embrace each success in their lives from a new self-image. A self-image of not letting the bumps in the road of life stop them but teach them how to find their greatness.

Our system is built on the simple premise that amplify what we focus on. Focus on goals, understand the challenges to those goals and pick the first sign-posts of success and you have a system that decreases teen depression, reduces teen anxiety and teen addiction, as well as anxiety in young adults, depression in young adults and addiction in young adults.

Plan of Action
  • Choose a plan (twice a week sessions for life coaching young adults)
  • 1st degree mentors - $499 per month
  • Resident Mentors (with Master Level Mentors) $799 per month
  • Ken Rabow - Master Level Mentors - $1, 595 per month
  • Ask for a free 15 minute consultation
    • Ask questions.
    • Share what you feel are the challenges in your child's life
    • Help your child succeed.

Help For Teens & Young Adults

For those of you considering having a life coach for young adults work with you as a way to find your way in the world: You have made a great choice!

If you found that talk therapy, counselling, psychology and psychiatry may have helped in some ways but didn't help you find your way to be successful in the world, that is what life coaching for young adults can do for you.

We also work along side psychologists, psychiatrists and many others. Life coaching compliments all of those modalities.

Here is part of an email one of my clients sent his mom about our work together. He also included me in it.

"One of the biggest things I'm getting out of the sessions is having a mentor that works for me. You know I've been to tons of past things: Dynamind, Landmark, Marcia, Andreas, etc, but with all of them there was always something missing. I think what it was was that it wasn't personalized to me, and I didn't know how to apply it to myself in a way that worked really well. It worked for youtube videos or books, but communication about these things with people always felt strange, like they didn't get me. I feel like Ken gets me, someone does, finally".

We help you by listening, seeing your strengths and challenges and giving you a way forward that is  just for  you.

Check out some of the things we work on below.


Make note of which ones you relate to:

  • Wondering "Why Bother"
  • School Failures
  • Anxiety (anxiety in teens & anxiety in young adults)
  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Fitting in
  • Addictions (video game addiction, pot addiction, etc.)
  • Procrastination
  • Self-esteem Issues
  • Mental Health Issues (depression in teens & depression in young adults)
  • Learning Challenges
  • Organization Skills & University
  • Communicating (with family, friends, businesspeople and loved ones)

Long Term Goals

Make note of which ones are most important to you:

  • Finding work that you love and are richly rewarded for
  • Managing personal finances
  • Keeping your focus on success when you are on your own
  • Starting your own business
  • Freeing yourself of unhealthy patterns from childhood


We work together. Working with a life coach for young adults is a team effort. The client is in charge. We do all our work on skype and work with clients all around the world.

You set the goals, you explain the challenges and you determine the sign-posts of success. Your mentor is their to help guide you through the maze but you are the one who walks every step and earns the praise when you succeed.

  • Choose a plan (twice a week sessions for life coaching young adults)
  • 1st degree mentors - $499 per month
  • Resident Mentors (with Master Level Mentors) $799 per month
  • Ken Rabow - Master Level Mentors - $1, 595 per month
  • Ask for a free 15 minute consultation
    • Ask questions.
    • Share what you feel are the challenges in your life
    • Decide it's time to try something based on you.

Become a Professional Life Coach for Young Adults

Are you that person who always has loved to life coach young adults?

Becoming a Professional Life Coach for young adults can be one of the most rewarding things you could choose as a new career. As a true sounding board, an inspiration and a life coach to troubled teens and young adults, Ken Rabow’s method will help you offer young adults the chance to find their way out of their challenges and into their potential greatness.

1st Degree Mentors earn $35 per hour ~   2nd Degree Mentors earn $60 per hour ~
Master Level Mentors earn $100 per hour

  • Share this with someone who would be a perfect candidate to become a Professional Life Coach for Young Adults
  • Book a Free 15 Minute Interview to learn how we can train you to become a Professional Life Coach for Young Adults
  • Go to our sister website, Mentors Professional Workshop, to learn all about Becoming a Professional Life Coach for Young Adults

Mental Health Support

Get a life coach for Young Adults with: Anxiety - Bipolar Disorder - Schizophrenia - Learning Challenges - Addictions - Depression and more.

Mental Health Services Provided


  1. Create together a daily routine of things to do that interest the client, building rapport, trust and a sense of earned self-esteem.
  2. Help clients learn how to deal with the challenges that frustrate and disempower the client.  We work together to create "work-arounds" to get the job done.
  3. Empower clients to advocate for themselves. With it is new ways to communicate successfully with family, school staff, or healthcare providers our clients become empowered.
  4. As at team, we help clients grow towards long-term goals of attainable self-sufficiency.

A life coach for young adults dealing with mental health issues should know this:

There is so much stigma and misconceptions about mental health issues that families must contend with. We are here to help you:

  1. Understanding the diagnosis in terms of the impact on the child and the family
  2. Understanding medications - side effects, benefits and long term use
  3. Searching available treatments
  4. Showing families new ways to advocate for your child
  5. Encouraging the client to gain and share insight on their illness
  6. Helping the client and the familiy  be part of the healing process
  7. Learning how psychiatric forms work (should they be necessary).

Meet The Team

Ken Rabpw - Master Level Life Coach

Ken Rabow - is a Master Level life coach for young adults. He has a long track record of helping young people deal with all sorts of challenges. From depression, schizophrenia, ADHD, anxiety issues, learning challenges in young adults and more. Ken has helped many young people find their personal power.

elena Mihelic-Rabow - Registered Mental Health Nurse

Helena Mihelic-Rabow - is a registered mental health nurse with over twenty years of experience, specializing in psychiatric care including child and adolescent inpatient psychiatry as well as Emergency Psychiatry. She is a compassionate, professional and effective practitioner, who puts the welfare of her clients first.

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