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If you are a teen or young adult reading this ...
I’m guessing your parents asked you to check it out.

How is this different from talk therapy or taking meds or being forced into a six week “magic camp”?

Working with a Mentor whose focus is young adults is all about you. It will help you create a successful path for yourself, it will help you avoid dead ends and give you … the one thing that all the praise in the world can’t give you, a pride that is self-earned.

Teen waiting for young life adult coaching servicesHow do you get this? You earn this in small day-to-day successes which make sense to you. Successes that are hard to explain to someone on the outside but that you and your Mentor “get”. From there, we can build anything! It can be as little as three five-minute daily exercises or you can start with three 30 minute exercises or anything in between. You call the shots.

What else? We listen. We let you lead but with guidance free of judgment. We are not as concerned about the outcome as the journey. We embrace messing up because messing up is where your greatness will come from (once you learn how to use it) and we will always be straight with you. You deserve that.

If this interests you, read some of the articles that you think might give you an idea of what we do and set up a time to talk for 15 minutes or so. If you don’t like it then, no harm no foul, if you do, we’ll take it one session at a time.

Check out the videos of some of our clients. They won’t be you but maybe something in what they say will help you see if this is worth a try.

Thanks for reading this! Try it out. You never know…


If you are a young adult and you are reading this, you are already on a good path towards finding your success. The people I work with (ages twelve to twenty-eight) have found that the mainstream ways of dealing with their problems out just doesn’t ever seem to work. (Guess who gets the blame?)

I’m here to tell you that for those who think differently, for those who “just don’t work” the way everyone wants them to, there is a world of great things, positive things that you can take a hold of to find your personal greatness. The search alone and a new-found belief in yourself will put you on the path to find your contentment, your happiness and your personal success.

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