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Parents are overwhelmed these days expected to be all things to their children. What if you could have someone mentor your child to rise above their challenges?

A Professional Life Coach / Mentor empowers young adults to continue to work on their daily lives while starting to evolve their core attitudes, develop coping skills to “own” their obligations and improve their communication abilities. Their desire for success grows and… they embrace the possibilities of finding their own place in the world as successful individuals.

This can be done at home, in a dorm room or in their own apartment, on-line through Skype.

These clients learn positive ways to communicate with their parents, friends, teachers/bosses and students/coworkers. They learn to problem solve and they learn to grow from the challenges before them.

Most importantly, they experience the power of daily practice.

Whether your child is a gifted underachiever, someone who is learning challenged or filled with anxiety or anger, we can help. If they lack motivation, have mental health issues or are simply stuck in a pattern that does not lead to success, we can help. We specialize in helping with teen anxiety and anxiety in young adults, teen depression and depression in young adults, as well as addictions in teenagers and young adults including video game addiction and pot addiction.

World Wide Youth Mentoring Inc. helps empower teens and young adults to:
  1. Find their personal power.
  2. Gain the confidence to grow on a day-to-day basis.
  3. Learn to achieve their greatest successes by thinking outside of the box.
  4. Reduce anxieties that can stop their successes and sometimes lead to addiction in teenagers and/or depression in young adults.


The bulk of the people who come to us have children who are not succeeding in life. Many of these kids are suffering from teen depression and/or teen anxiety, and these challenges can lead to depression in young adults and anxiety in young adults as these teens grow into their 20s.

If you have already tried most of the mainstream modalities; talk therapy; counselors; psychiatrists; psychologists; medication; etc., and although these things can really have a great effect for some people, for those who are still struggling: Ask yourself: Is this the time for a different approach?

Here it is: Professional Mentoring for Young Adults: An action-based, forward thinking system that empowers young people to experience incremental success in their lives on a daily basis. Small victories that encourage them to embrace the challenges in their lives from a new perspective. This is all done through a simple self-directed daily routine that builds on each mircro-success and helps reduce teen depression, abate teen anxiety and diminish teen addictions, with great results as well for anxiety in young adults, depression in young adults and addiction in young adults.

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