Life Coaching for Anxiety in Teens

Life Coaching for Anxiety in Teens can work when standard practices haven’t.

Anxiety in Teens can present itself in many ways:

  • Constant Fear of failure.
  • Occasional Fear of the unknown.
  • On-going Fear of going “out there” and so many more.

Three Tools that Allow Life Coaching for Anxiety in Teens to Succeed

  1. Action-based goals focusing on “doing” rather than what is not working.
  2. A judgement-free place where the teen can look at their actions and make concrete choices that empower them.
  3. Co-creating daily routines and learning what sabotages simple daily tasks and how to “pierce the target” to success.

The Challenges to Life Coaching for Anxiety in Teens:

The Mentee has to be open to making change in their lives and ideally has voiced the opinion (even occasionally) that they don’t really know how to move forward to rise above the challenge of anxiety in teens.

They have to be willing to try at least one session. At that point, we try to do meet for four weeks, twice a week on Skype or Zoom and see if this is the proper way to help using life coaching for anxiety in teens.
Millennials have been know as the Anxiety Generation and now Generation Z is seeing an even greater upsurge in anxiety in teens.

The Advantage of Life Coaching for Anxiety In Teens

The great thing about life coaching for anxiety in teens is that it transformative in 90% of the teens who try it.

Working in a non-judgmental based mentor/mentee program where the Mentee is empowered to try new ways of setting goals and making them come true is life changing. The positive effects are permanent and it helps in all aspects of life.

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