Generation Z Perfectionism – The Real Cause and Cure

 Generation Z Perfectionism

A recent study published in Personality and Social Psychology Review suggested that” parents and social-cultural factors, including a rise in social media, contributed to increasing rates of Millennial Perfectionism”.

Dr. Simon Sherry suggests that “Millennials are more inclined to have unrealistic standards and harsher self-criticism than previous generations”.

It further stated that “perfectionism is a serious and even deadly epidemic in modern western societies”.

They are partially correct.

I have been Mentoring Millennials and am now Mentoring GenZ teens and young adults since 2001. I spend around 1000 hours a year face to face with these young adults on Skype or Zoom and I have experienced a different take on the challenges.

Life Coaching for Young Adult Perfectionism

I have experienced over and over again as a life coach for young adults how life coaching can transform a young adult stuck in the thrall of perfectionism into a successful action-based person.

An example of Transforming Young Adult Perfectionism

  • Meet Rose. A Millennial Pefectionist :

One of our Mentees at World Wide Youth Mentoring Inc.

She is one of the most brilliant writers I know.
Give her a subject and she will find the perfect tone..
the perfect points..
but she can’t finish a paper..
so she keeps failing at school.

Transforming Young Adult Perfectionism into success.

Study finds rise in millennial perfectionism, parents and social media blamed

Author: Ken_Rabow

Ken Rabow is the Mentor's Mentor for Troubled Teens, Young Adults and their Families