Convincing Your Young Adult to Try Mentoring to Overcome Anxiety

Mentoring can be a powerful tool for young adults struggling with anxiety. In this article, we’ll explore how parents can encourage a young adult to try mentoring to overcome anxiety.

  1. Understand the benefits of mentoring

Before you can convince your young adult to try mentoring, it’s important to understand the benefits. Mentoring provides a supportive and non-judgmental environment where young adults can share their experiences and feelings. Our mentors offer guidance, resources, and strategies to help young adults manage their anxiety and improve their overall well-being. Additionally, mentoring can provide a sense of connection and belonging, which is important for young adults who may feel isolated or misunderstood.

  1. Start with a conversation not declaration. (What do you think…)

The first step in trying mentoring for your young adult is to have an open and honest conversation about their anxiety. Ask them how managing their anxiety feels to them on a day to day basis and let them know that you’re there to support them. Explain that mentoring can be a helpful resource to learn coping skills and gain support. Ask your child if they would be willing to try mentoring and answer any questions they may have.

  1. Research our mentoring program

Our mentoring program specializes in helping young adults with anxiety. Read our articles about how we work with anxiety and be sure to book a free consultation to talk with us . Our program offers flexible scheduling and occures online, making it easier for child to participate.

  1. Encourage your child to give it a try

Encourage your young adult to give mentoring a try for a few sessions or even one session. Remind them that it’s okay to feel nervous or hesitant at first, but that mentoring can be a positive step toward managing their anxiety. Offer to support them throughout the process, whether that means attending sessions with them or simply being available to talk.

  1. Be patient and supportive

It’s important to be patient and supportive throughout the mentoring process. Encourage your young adult to be open and honest with their mentor about their feelings and experiences. Celebrate their successes, no matter how small, and offer encouragement when they encounter challenges. Remember that mentoring is a process, and it may take time to see significant progress.

Mentoring can be a powerful resource for young adults struggling with anxiety. By understanding the benefits of mentoring, starting with a conversation, researching our mentoring program, encouraging your young adult to give it a try, and being patient and supportive throughout the process, parents can help their young adult take the first steps toward managing their anxiety and improving their overall well-being.

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Author: Ken_Rabow

Ken Rabow is the Mentor's Mentor for Troubled Teens, Young Adults and their Families