Issue: From Teen "Failure to Launch" to Successful Young Adult in 18 Months

Thank you so very much for all the work you've done with Alec. We came to you in a crisis and you not only saw Alec (and us) through that crisis, you ushered him beyond it. We feel confident in his ability to be the steward of his adult life -- and though I am sure there will be hiccups along the way, my heart feels strongly that he can handle those. I know that Alec is very grateful for you as well. You have been a blessing to him and to our family in the most challenging year we've ever faced.
- L.R.

Issue: Aspergers

Our son Jonathan started working with Ken Rabow 2 years ago. He has Asperger’s and was having difficulties in school, both socially and academically. Jonathan was not understanding how his behavior was impacting on others. Working with Ken has helped Jonathan understand not only how his behavior affects the way others see him, but also has helped him to understand himself and what motivates him to be a happier person. Ken has worked well as a partner to me as a parent to help me understand Jonathan’s “idiosyncrasies” (including attitudes, understandings and behaviours that are typical to people with Aspergers) and how to deal with Jonathan when he shuts down. Our family has benefitted from the knowledge that Ken has passed on to us to help Jonathan be successful in all aspects of his life. We value Ken’s input and appreciate all that he has done to help Jonathan and our family move forward in a positive and healthy manner. Thank You To Ken and MentoringYoungAdults.com!
- S.G.

Issue: Low Self-esteem

Hi Ken, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my son, T***, on such short notice. He is an incredibly intelligent, perceptive, sensitive and normally loving human being who cares about seniors, animals, children, and would like more friends his age. Could you please call T*** this evening at 7 pm. I think at this time he will have had supper and enough sleep and be amenable to talking to a good-hearted and wise person like yourself. Should I tell him to expect your call? He does not like surprises or being put on the spot.
- Happy Belated Holiday and a BIG Thank You. Z.K.

Professional Testimonial

Ken’s success with troubled students has been nothing short of Astonishing.Thank You To Mentoring Young Adults!
- Dr. Meg Fox – Principal of Dragon Academy

Professional Testimonial

Ken’s work is not life coaching…it’s life-turning-around coaching.Thank You To Mentoring Young Adults.com
- Jay Pasternack - Addictions Councillor

Issue: Lack of Motivation & Addictions

I’ve been working with Ken twice a week for the past two years. Two years ago I was (what is commonly known as) a ‘slacker’. My schedule consisted mainly of staying at home, smoking and playing video games. I had known Ken through friends and I thought it was time to try something different. I had gone to two different Universities, failed out of both of them, and was convinced that I would never go back. Ken helped me start a routine of daily exercises that I not only enjoyed, but also contributed to my growth as a person. We would also look at what was obstructing my progress with each daily activity, and track the root of the problem. Pretty soon my self-confidence started to come back and we created a plan to get myself back on track. The methods Ken and I used helped tremendously during my re-entry into University, and I feel empowered as to the direction I am leading my life in. My teacher even mentioned to me that he noticed my eagerness in class! Thanks Ken! Thank You To MentoringYoungAdults.com!
- B.G. Toronto, Ontario

Issue: Parent Support for Slacking Client

As a parent of a teenager that you have coached, I can say that it is amazing what you and my teenager have been able to accomplish using your system. The positive changes are dramatic. I know it is a lot of hard work and effort on your part, and even more on the part of my teenager, but when you consider the results, it is well worth it. Thanks and keep up the good work! Thank You To Mentoring Young Adults!
- W.C. Toronto, ON

Issue: Parent Support for Non-compliant Teen

Ken, I want to thank you. I was really proud of our daughter. She was very concise in explaining her feelings in the family session with you and there was a sincerity there that I have not really seen in the past. Thanks again. Thank You Ken.
- B.F.

Issue: School Failures

Thanks for the your help, Ken. And thank you for all you have done for our son. He had a great summer and my husband and I are both really pleased with the changes we have seen. We are hopeful that Grade 8 will be a better year. We will keep in touch. Its comforting knowing you are out there as a safe place for our son if he needs a little guidance.
- J.C.M.

Issue: Anger Management

Ken – thanks for everything, and we’ll stay in touch. (Name withheld) said to me last night on a very emotional drive home that he’d be happy to continue working with you – he definitely respects and enjoys you. Best to you, Ken.
- L.C.M.

Professional Testimonial

Ken was the keynote speaker at a recent day of professional development at our school. In an hour, his infectious love and enthusiasm for the student and student experience energized our teachers and had them visibly excited about additions to their classroom culture and rituals. Ken has a deep interest in, and understanding of, people – their motivations, their conflicts, and in reaching back to roots of those conflicts to understand them and thereby strengthen. He listens because he cares, and those around him feel heard, empowered, and safe. A fun and highly enriching hour of music, strategy, stories, and learning! Thank You To MentoringYoungAdults.com and Ken!
- Luke Coles – Principal of Blyth Academy Lawrence Park

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